How To Get Rid Of Square Butt – Turn Square Bum Into Round One

Since the modern world is more about glam and perfect body shaping, having a square-shaped butt can be an embarrassing issue. Every woman (and man) prefers toned up round buttocks, but not everyone is blessed with it naturally. So, if you got a square booty, here we’ll discuss effective strategies on how to get rid of square butt including exercises and foods.

In case you might be asking yourself why do I have a square bum? It is mostly due to genetics, how often you sit, excess fat, or lack of muscle toning. This less-attractive rear view could be a cause of self-consciousness.

Embrace yourself – there are many celebrities with square bums who do not feel less confident because of their rear-view.

And the good news is, you can get rid of a boxy butt and turn it into a perfectly round one. It is not going to happen overnight (unless you go for surgery), but a few exercises and changes in diet will help you with glute transformation.

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how to get rid of square butt

Anatomy Of Buttocks

The buttocks, or gluteal region, are made up of three muscles:butt from behind

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus

These muscles are largely responsible for movement in the hips and legs, including walking, running, jumping, climbing, keeping your balance while standing, and stabilizing your core while lifting heavy objects.

The gluteal region is also connected to other parts of the body such as the lower back, pelvis and thighs. It contains delicate structures such as tendons and ligaments that provide support to surrounding bones.

Additionally, the base of the spine is cushioned from strong impacts by fatty tissue located near its surface.

Anatomically speaking, these muscle groups are divided into upper and lower sections that enter various directions within each buttock and connect to ligaments on either side of your hip bones. With proper training and exercise, you can strengthen your glutes – meaning better balance, agility, stability and performance in daily activities!


How To Get Rid Of Square Butt?

The best and certain way to get rid of square glutes and turn them into perfectly round shape is by undergoing a Butt Lift surgery. It removes the excess fat from the waistline, back and unevenly distributed fat from the butt area, and inserts it into your buttocks by distributing it as desired to achieve a perfect rounder bum shape.

how to turn a square bum into a round one

On the other hand, if you do not wish to opt for any surgical way for immediate results, and prefer more natural ways, below are a few effective strategies to get rid of square butt – tried and reported positively by over a dozen women.


Effective Strategies To Turn A Square Bum Into A Round One

1. Do Exercises To Burn Butt Fat

Performing specific exercises to tone up and shape your butt is the most important part of getting rid of a square booty. We advise training your glutes 3 times a week to achieve your goal faster. Also, keep increasing the weight or resistance constantly (obviously as much as your muscles can bear) to see progress sooner.

Here are some glute-focused exercises to burn fat:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Hip Bridges
  • Step Ups

These exercises help to build the glutes muscle, burn butt fat, and create a rounder shape of your booty.

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Exercises to lose butt fat

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2. Work On Your Waistline

Focus on your waistline and make sure to reduce it as much as possible. Your body fat percentage should be below 20% for ideal glutes shape (if you are achieving it naturally), and this can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

So, if you got unwanted waistline fat, start working on your abs and oblique muscles to get rid of it. You can perform cardio and make a calorie deficit in your diet to reduce waistline fat faster.

The best exercises to reduce waistline are:

  • Plank
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Cross Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Russian Twists

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3. Perform More Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of the most effective exercises for the glutes. If you do them correctly, your glutes and hamstring will be on fire by the end!

Not to mention that deadlifts help to tone and shape up your butt from all sides – which is exactly what we need in this case.

Also, it helps to increase the muscle mass of your glutes significantly faster than other exercises.

To perform a deadlift;

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and a barbell in front of you.
  • Bend your knees slightly and bend forward from your waist, keeping your back straight.
  • Grip the bar with both hands at shoulder width, palms facing down.
  • Straighten up and lift the bar by extending your hips and legs until you are standing upright again.
  • Hold for a few seconds before slowly returning to the starting position, keep your focus on the glutes while pushing them back.
  • Repeat 3 times with 10-12 reps, and try to increase the weight on the last set.

How to perform deadlift correctly

Deadlifts engage almost the whole body’s muscles and require power to perform them. We recommend taking a pre-workout to boost your energy before starting power workouts.

4. Do More Weighted Squats

Weighted squats are great for toning the glutes, and help to give more shape to your booty. The benefit of weighted squats is that you can use heavier weights and perform a higher number of reps in less time.

To perform a weighted squat;

  • Start with your feet hip-width apart and hold a weighted barbell across your shoulders.
  • Bend the knees and lower your body until the thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your back straight and chest up.
  • Pause for a few seconds and then press through the heels to return to the standing position.
  • Repeat this exercise 3-4 times with 8-12 reps in each set, rest between sets as needed.

How to do barbell squat


5. Don’t Neglect Lunges

Lunges are great for toning the glutes and helping to sculpt a rounder butt. They work on all three areas of your glutes, including the upper, lower and outer portions.

To perform a lunge;

  • Start with feet hip-width apart, holding either dumbbell in both hands or a barbell across your shoulders.
  • Take a big step forward, while keeping your back straight and chest up.
  • Lower your body until the front knee is bent at a 90° angle, and the back knee lightly touches the floor.
  • Pause for a few seconds before pushing through the heel of the front foot to return back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 times with 10-12 reps in each set, and rest between sets for 40-60 seconds.

How to perform lunges


6. Hip Extension

Hip extensions are a great way to target those hard-to-reach glute muscles, and help to give your butt more shape. This exercise is a major bum booster – so make sure to include it in your routine.

To perform a Hip Extension;

  • Start by lying on the floor on your stomach, and bend your knees slightly.
  • Engage the glutes by squeezing them tightly, and lift one leg up as high as you can.
  • Hold for a few seconds before returning to the starting position, and repeat with the other leg.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 times with 12-15 reps on each side, rest between sets for 30 seconds.

Note: for better results, try using a resistant band around your thighs while performing this exercise. It will increase tension, boost the strength of muscles and tone them.

How to perform hip extension with resistance band


7. Weighted Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is a great exercise to target the glutes and help sculpt a rounder buttock. This exercise works on both the upper and lower buttocks, giving your booty a nice lift.

To perform a Hip Thrust;

  • Start by sitting on the floor, with your feet flat on the ground in front of you and your body resting on a bench.
  • Hold a weighted barbell on the top part of your hips, and press through the heels to lift your hips into the air.
  • Bring the weight as high as possible (generally parallel to your chest, making a 90° angle between your body and legs), while keeping your core engaged and glutes squeezed.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and squeeze your buttocks, then slowly return to the starting position, and repeat 3 times with 8-10 reps.

Proper form of barbell hip thrust for buttocks


8. Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts target the outer portion of your glutes, and help to give your butt a rounder shape. It is mainly performed to get a rounder bum at the sides, resulting in a more sculpted and rounded look to get rid of a square butt.

To perform side leg lifts;

  • Start by lying on your side, with one leg bent at the knee and the other leg straight out.
  • Engage your core and raise the straight leg upwards as high as possible, while keeping your hips stacked.
  • Pause for a few seconds and then lower the leg back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 times with 12-15 reps on each side.

How to do side leg raise


9. Cable Glute Kickback

Cable glute kickbacks are great for toning and shaping the square hips, and giving them a nice lift.  It targets all glute muscles – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. This exercise is also effective for getting rid of excess fat on the buttocks.

To perform cable glute kickbacks;

  • Start by attaching an ankle strap to a low-cable machine, then stand a few feet away from the machine.
  • Secure the ankle strap to your ankles, and then slowly bend at the hips to lower your body down until it is parallel to the floor.
  • Then, hold onto support (such as a wall or railing) with one hand while keeping your core engaged and glutes squeezed.
  • Drive one knee back until your leg is straight, and hold for a few seconds before releasing back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this exercise 3 times with 10-12 reps on each side.

How to perform cable glute kickback properly


10. Maintain A Healthy Diet

The most crucial part of the butt transformation is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Reduce unnecessary junk food and focus on eating healthily to get rid of extra fat from your waistline, thighs, and buttocks, while you are busy toning up glute muscles with workouts.

You should have all the essential nutrients in your daily diet that help with fat-burning and muscle-building. Necessary nutrients include:

  • Protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber and vitamins

Also, focus on drinking plenty of water and avoid beverages with high sugar or artificial sweeteners.


What Are The Common Shapes Of Buttock?

Women’s butts are of different shapes depending on multiple factors including genetics, fat distribution, muscle toning, and body type. There are five major shapes of buttocks:

  • Heart Shape Butt (H shape)
  • Square (Also known as flat butt)
  • Round
  • A Shape Butt
  • V Shape

h shaped buttocks exercises

Flat buttocks have little to no curvature while round glutes are full and perky with a perfect curve in the middle.


Final Words

It is possible to get rid of a square butt and turn it into a round one with the right combination of exercise, diet and lifestyle changes. It requires regular workout which focuses on strengthening the glute muscles and burning fat from the waistline, thighs, and buttocks.

The key is to have patience, consistency and dedication toward your goals. Start working out today with the above-mentioned exercises, maintain a healthy diet and watch those stubborn fats melt away while toning up your booty to get the perfect round shape you have been aiming for.


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

How long does it take to get rid of square bum?

It takes time and dedication to get rid of a square bum. Depending on your current body shape, lifestyle, diet and workout routine – it can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months to achieve your desired results.


How do I get rid of square hips?

The most effective way to get rid of square hips is by doing exercises that target the glute muscles, such as squats, lunges, hip thrusts, cable glute kickbacks and side leg lifts.

You should also reduce the number of processed foods in your diet and replace them with whole foods that are high in protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Additionally, drinking plenty of water can help flush out toxins from the body.  With a balanced diet and regular exercise, you will be able to get rid of square hips in no time.


Why is my bum so flat and square?

Your butt may appear flat and square due to genetics, body type, lack of physical activity, inadequate diet, or weak glute muscles.



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